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Post #9: "Nope."

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

I am having an off day.

This happens to me sometimes with writing. I'll look at the computer screen and my brain will say, "nope." So I'll get up, walk around, have a snack, work on a puzzle or an origami project for a while, maybe do a little reading. Then I'll sit back down in front of the computer and put my hands on the keyboard.

And... "nope."

It isn't writer's block; I always have ideas buzzing around in my head. Do you know, for a time I worried that I might run out of ideas if I became a professional writer? That was before I realized that normal people don't see the world the way writers do. Example: say these words to a normal person: "wrench, trunk." The normal person will say, "oh. There is a wrench in somebody's trunk."

A writer will say, "ooooh, there's been a murder!"

So, yeah. I won't run out of ideas. There is always the hardware store.

So this thing where my brain says "nope," it happens when my stress level is too high. Writing is hard, even when you're born with a knack for it; generating the next paragraph, the next sentence, sometimes the next word, the capstone word that will make the whole paragraph work, lemme tell ya, it'll wear you out. A good paragraph has a kind of music. The piece is in your head, but you need to get the right notes out in the right order and in the most effective combinations if you want to catch the listener's ear and heart. A paragraph is a stack of words that give you the clearest possible picture of the story playing in a writer's head. A book is a big stack of paragraph stacks.

All that to say, writing is hard.

Some people can write no matter the stress level. I'm almost one of those people, but I have days (today) when I push and push for an idea, a paragraph, a single word, for crying out loud I have goals, here!

And... "nope."

An old friend used to say, "you do the best you can with what you have at the time." Today, my best seems to be a blog post and a warm, soothing beverage. Maybe a soak in the tub.

Don't you worry. I'll be back at it tomorrow.


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