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Post #13: Bring on the holiday lights!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

I've spoken before about my troubles with my Instagram account. I want it to be chock-full of interesting stuff, but I am broke and therefore don't go places, and nobody wants to look at photos of my yard. Trust me, you don't. It isn't messy or anything. It's just typical. Instagram is not for the typical - at least, it shouldn't be. That's my personal view. If I have to devote time to something, I want the something to be atypical.

So we're into the "holiday season" portion of the year, which to me equals "extravagant yard decorations." These yards belong to people with a bit of extra disposable income and wild, amusing dreams, people whose yards shout to the world, "you want goofy? You've come to the right place!" I am rarely goofy. I have (as mentioned above) no disposable income. Thank you, thank you, people who decorate their yards for holidays.

Last year (December 2020) people went all-out with the Christmas decorations; as one homeowner told me, "we have to stay inside. There's nothing else to do." And that was certainly part of it. But I think it was also a sort of fist-in-the-air, mad-and-not-gonna-take-it-anymore kind of rebellion. The year was so terrible. So many painful things happened. Let's hang up some twinkly lights and think happy thoughts.

Last year and this year I haven't seen a whole lot in the way of Halloween decorations. Not hard to imagine why; it's a holiday traditionally set aside for celebrating things that frighten us, that wait in the dark for us, that catch us unaware and powerless. Kind of like 2020, and, frankly, 2021.

In an attempt to pad my pitiable Instagram account I went looking for Halloween yards last night. I think I found five? And I drove around a lot, a practice that seasoned hunters would refer to as "road hunting." I didn't land a six-point neighborhood. The decorations I did find were almost universally silly, with one notable exception. (Shudder.) I think it's safe to call them harbinger yards. The yards that usher in the Christmas lights. I admit, I really hope people go even more all-out this year, because I plan to road-hunt the neighborhoods big time in December.

I've been bummed out lately. I think we could all use some goofy about now.


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