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Post #12: Served Raw

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

So I wonder about blogs. How should you go about keeping one? Do you spill out your painful secrets with no hesitation, as if no one will ever read any of it (or at least, care)? Do you only say cheerful things? Professional things? Uplifting things? Practical things?

For the record, a cheerful, professional, uplifting and practical blog is beyond my capacity.

Should a blog be funny? Or meaningful or deep? (Obviously I've given this a lot of thought.) There are so many ways to get it wrong. Some people might only want to read a blog that's honest about self and life. Some might say that's oversharing.

It would be easy to answer the question with something pithy like, "share as much as you feel comfortable sharing." You know the problem with that advice? It only works for extroverts. If you ask an introvert such as myself, "how much would you feel comfortable sharing?" the introvert will reply, "none of your business."

But, the thing is, introverts need to get paid. That means we need a blog people would notice. And I'm pretty sure "noticeable" in this case means "raw." Say things you don't want to say. Reveal things you don't want to admit to. Share the unglamorous parts of yourself and wait to see if the readers will lift you up or cut you down.

This is a roundabout way to say, "I still haven't heard from the publisher, and I sent an email asking for a status update five days ago."

That is my current raw.

I've started a YA spinoff called "Uncharted" with different (younger) characters than the team featured in my first (unpublished) book. I'm still working on the outline for book two in the adult series; I'm having an awful time finishing it, because I'm freaked out that the publisher won't want book one. I've mentioned in the past that I struggle with constant feelings of shame and inadequacy. This is a shame scenario if ever there was one. It's like I asked someone out and gave him my number, and now I'm waiting by the phone, wondering.

I've decided that I'll put the first two chapters of Uncharted in my next newsletter, in lieu of the usual mini-mystery. It's self-publishing on a micro scale, but it will put at least some part of a book I've written directly into readers' hands. Because I don't just write for myself. I write stories for readers. I want to be heard.

I want to do what I do best and be what I am. And I want to get money for it.


Blogging. Telling all. Revealing truths I'd rather keep secret. I'm going to keep on doing it, and keep on waiting by the phone.

All this soul-baring had better be worth it.


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